Monday, May 16, 2011

All by myself :)

So today is my first offical starting week of summer vacation :) My last class just ended on friday, so i can now finally relax.

Today, i've been pretty unproductive. I woke up, ate, cleaned a bit, watched the green hornet, in the process of watching harry potter deathly hollows, and now on the computer. *laughs, well i went on to youtube and found out that SueLynn was having a giveaway. I was like wow! that's awesome that she has 6,000 subscribers! i mean that's a real achievement. so i thought that i would blog about this just because. also i have a better chance at winning the prize if i do blog about it too lol. well she's so nice and giving away lots of cute products. and well i would really like to win this but it's going to be hard. Sigh, well i'll post a link and maybe you too can enter. good luck folks :)

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  1. I am really enjoying the new background change. Plus, I am glad that class is over and you are less stressed. Lets try and make this summer fun, exciting, and productive.