Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What is Poo POM? It is no other than simply "Product Of the Month"!!! And of course with each POM I'll give my reasons why I choose it, facts about the product, and other fun facts. Also give me your opinion about the product or if you have questions ask away~

Now getting to the main point, for the this month I choose Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask

About the product: There's 5 pieces of sheets in each box. It claimes to turn dull skin bright. Also the whitening essence works effecively on the skin, lightening dark spots and producing a radiant apperance. It's like any other sheet mask-you keep it on for 15-20 minutes. It says that once you remove the mask you're suppose to rinse your face with water. Does anybody else do this? Because i thought that you can keep essence on your face . . .

What do I think: I love this sheet mask. However it can be sooo expensive. Thank gosh that gives one free with a purchase. If not, i wouldn't even be buying these. As a college student i have to be careful on what i spend my money on. lol Also this sheet is very adhesive, which is great! The reason why is that i have things to do, so i'm usually sitting up. So unlike some other sheet mask, this one stays on my face and i don't have any problems. Well maybe sometimes under my chin it'll fall off (but that's only when it starts getting dry hehe).

Other Facts: What i found really funny is that this is a Taiwanese product (i believe), and if you read the back you'll find out that the materials are from France!

Rating: 9/10

Recommend: Yeah, this is a product worth buying over and over againn :) Lots of essence left over in the bag, and works (yes, i have seen improvement in my skin)

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