Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zoya nail purchase

I just finally bought myself a Zoya nail polish. I don't really know why i wanted so long until now to buy it. However, I'm somewhat satisfied with my purchase.

Anyways, I bought the color Edyta. It's a deep green with gold shimmers in it. I bought this at my local Ulta for around eight dollars. The nail polish is .5 fluid ounce (for those who are wondering). Overall the nail polish is nice, but I would have to say that it requires a base coat to make it look better.

Would I recommend this nail polish color, yes and no. Don't get me wrong, but the color is nice but i personally feel that's its not really a spring color.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sigma Giveaway

To those who don't know. I love giveaways. well who doesn't? anyways, here's a giveaway that you must enter. hope you loves all get a chance. here's the link!


Friday, July 15, 2011


I've noticed that it's hard to keep up with blogging. So, i'm very sorry. However, i will not let my three followers down! >.< so with this post i just wanted to update you guys a bit. First i just came back from Las Vegas and i have much to say about it.

However, before i rant on about that i would like to make a comment about a contest that i'm entering. This contest is for a pair of circle lens. To those who may not know much about me; i wear circle lens. However, don't worry. It's not like i wear them on a daily basis. Anyways, you guys should check her out.

I doubt that i'm going to win this contest. However, wouldn't it be nice? Well until next time folks!


Monday, May 16, 2011

All by myself :)

So today is my first offical starting week of summer vacation :) My last class just ended on friday, so i can now finally relax.

Today, i've been pretty unproductive. I woke up, ate, cleaned a bit, watched the green hornet, in the process of watching harry potter deathly hollows, and now on the computer. *laughs, well i went on to youtube and found out that SueLynn was having a giveaway. I was like wow! that's awesome that she has 6,000 subscribers! i mean that's a real achievement. so i thought that i would blog about this just because. also i have a better chance at winning the prize if i do blog about it too lol. well she's so nice and giving away lots of cute products. and well i would really like to win this but it's going to be hard. Sigh, well i'll post a link and maybe you too can enter. good luck folks :)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Direction

So I've realized that doing a makeup blog is sooooo hard :'( or a blog in general. So what i've decided to do is make a blog about my everyday life and about makeup and other random stuff. Though my spelling may not be the greatest, please forgive me.

Also with school ending i'll finally have more time for this blog. to my dedicated three followers, thank you for sticking with me all this time. *laughs, well until next time. I'll post soon!

here's a song that i've been replaying :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poo - Heme V-Mask

Heme 24hr Hydrating Ultra-White Lift V-Mask

About product: Heme 24hr Hydrating Ultra-White Life V-Mask is endowed with a pair of ear loops. It not only hydrates and whitens skin, but also lift up and firm up skin to reduce double chins for fine and V-shaped face contour. The ear loops are of high resilience for perfect adherence to face, chin and neck. It also contains Peptides, Collagen, Ivy Extract for redefined face contour (copied from sasa.com).

What do i think: this was a product that i had little expectations from. I just bought this product to try because i was curious and wanted to try some other sheet masks. Personally, i really like this mask and maybe even more than the my beauty diary mask that I've been using. Well, I'm starting to like the mask more than the other whiting mask. Also, when i took it off my face was just glowing! This does not happen too often with me too lol. and I've been trying many different kinds recently.

Other facts: On sasa it looks like product comes in a box, but it doesn't. It actually comes in it's own individual packaging, and plastic packaging (if that makes sense-if not just look at the photo lol).

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes, I'm really loving this product. I would recommend others to buy this. Plus the packaging is adorable :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poo - Catena Mask

Whitening, Moisurizing & Pigment Taming Mask

About product: this product claimes to whiten your skin, remove flekcs and elder speckles, smooth out wrinkles, makes skin grow naturally and replenishes skin with moisture intensively. It's you're typical mask - leave on for 15 minutes.

What do i think: I got this obviously because of what it claimes to do-especially because it helps with my dark spots :) The packaging is pretty slik. For some reason it reminds me of Adobe (like adobe photoshop). It's very affordable as well. Overall this is a decent product. However, the only downfall is that when you take it out of the individual packaging it has a very herbal scent.
Other facts: I believe right now sasa is having a promotion on this product. Buy one get one free :)

Rating: 6/10
Reccomendation: Not worth buying again. Sure, if you're interested you can buy one to try. Unfortunately, this product didn't show any significant results. Yet at the same time i didn't hate it. So that's why i gave it a 6.