Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poo - Catena Mask

Whitening, Moisurizing & Pigment Taming Mask

About product: this product claimes to whiten your skin, remove flekcs and elder speckles, smooth out wrinkles, makes skin grow naturally and replenishes skin with moisture intensively. It's you're typical mask - leave on for 15 minutes.

What do i think: I got this obviously because of what it claimes to do-especially because it helps with my dark spots :) The packaging is pretty slik. For some reason it reminds me of Adobe (like adobe photoshop). It's very affordable as well. Overall this is a decent product. However, the only downfall is that when you take it out of the individual packaging it has a very herbal scent.
Other facts: I believe right now sasa is having a promotion on this product. Buy one get one free :)

Rating: 6/10
Reccomendation: Not worth buying again. Sure, if you're interested you can buy one to try. Unfortunately, this product didn't show any significant results. Yet at the same time i didn't hate it. So that's why i gave it a 6.

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