Thursday, February 10, 2011

POO - Etude O2 White Mask Pack

Etude 02 White Mask Pack

About Product: There's not much to say about this product besides it's another product out there that can whiten your skin. This product claimes to promote clear and bright complexion; as well as correcting skin tone. You apply this product after you wash your face. Then apply mask to face for about 2 minutes, and then rinse off.

What do I think: This product is okay, it has a clean scent and it's easy to use. However, personally I feel that there are better products out there than can whiten you skin. I got my mask for 13 usd-so it's an affodable price. The question that you're probably wondering is, "Did it whiten my skin?" My answer would be, yes-but only a little bit. There's no dramatic difference, but it did the job.

Other Facts: If you have sensitive skin this product might sting your face. Yet if you can endure the pain then this shouldn't be a problem.

Rating: 4/10

Recommend: The reason why my rating is low is because this product stung my face everytime I used it. Sure I can endure the pain but I would prefer a product that didn't irrate my skin. Also on the directions it doesn't say how much cream you should apply on your face. This makes me wonder if I even applied enough onto my face. In the picture below, apparently they use a lot of the masque. Maybe I used just too little, but if I used that much then my jar would be gone within 2 weeks if not less! Sigh, to those who want to try but isn't sure. I would say no and that it's not worth buying. It looks like it can do some really whitening, but no don't buy it.

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