Monday, February 28, 2011

Today is a great day!

So recently I've been looking through eBay, and I made some purchases. Well I don't know about you guys, but whenever i see a FedEx truck or the post office truck or anything of that sort I get so excited. Lol, maybe it's just me. Well anywho, today when I was about to go out the house i saw a package by the door! I was like, nooo way who is that for!? To: Tina Lee, I was like "YESS!" but the funny thing was that I didn't know what package it was from... I knew that sometime soon my sasa order should be coming. However, this is not from sasa because that packaging is waayyy too small. Well, when i got inside the car i ripped it open and saw my Kiss mascaras!! Yeahhh, ah here's a little story to go with this.

So I haven't bought items on eBay for a long time, and I forgot to look at the seller's history. Turns out that this seller had like 21 bad feedback, and I started getting worried. Also this person didn't allow anybody to see what the other buyers bought. So i was like, ummmmm...this is not good. However, it came faster than i thought thank gosh! The reason why is that this package wasn't suppose to be here until March 29-April 11th! Crazy, right and i didn't really read this part too. However, here it is and I'm so happy. Oh, also what's great about this is that it only cost me about 16 usd. This is cheap, because i know on sasa they retail for about 11 usd each. So i got a deal!

Anyways, well i sent my dad's letter to the post office, and then when i came home i saw two little packages sitting outside my house!!! I was like whattt???? And guess what? My Etude eyeliner and Skin79 BB Cream came!!!! ahhh, I was like, hey I'm not too sad that my sasa order didn't come yet. Because these got here!!!! haha lol. Sigh, now i'm off to do my homework.

Mascaras* - the one on the left is the Volume and Curl and the right one is the Long and curl. Hmmm, now that i think about it. I think I got fakes... :( dude, I just realized that these ARE FAKES. sigh, well don't buy it from eBay. I bought mine from amywu99 on eBay. Sigh, oh well i guess i have some new mascaras right? I just realized that the packaging for the volume one is different. Her eyes should be looking right. And then the Long mascara the wand isn't' like that. Sigh. well If you want to see the difference check out the links below.

Well at least the other two items i got were real :) sigh, beware of ebay.

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